The Wood Guy is proud to be a Polar Wood Furnace dealer. We've carried and installed several brands of gasifiers in the past but nothing has come close to the quality, simplicity and ease of use of the G-Class line. EPA certified and capable of applications above and beyond 1500 - 8000 sqft.

Simple, Clean, Efficient Heat


The furnace features the Polar VOR-TECH┬« combustion system which is exceptionally clean burning and stable and does not need frequent adjustments. 


The EASY-SWEEP® system incorporated into the G-Class Furnace makes it possible to clean the heat exchanger with a simple push and pull of a lever on the side of the furnace.


Every Polar Furnace includes a 2 - 3 port supply/return manifold, a heavy duty circulator and a boiler protection valve, pre-installed and ready for hook-up.


At The Wood Guy we stock only the finest parts for your wood boiler needs. You'll get what we know works! 


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